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  • Learn from professionals
  • Go at your own pace
  • Get help when you need it
  • Connect with other dog owners

What People are Saying

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“I can not thank you enough for the training we recieved with K9 Academy Online at your facility as well as online training. I had foot surgery, and getting around has been a challenge, especially with my shepherds. With basic commands and consistency we’re doing it. Thank you again.”
Laura W.
“The Training that Fortress K9 offers is amazing. These guys really know their stuff. Thanks!”
William T.
“Overall this course was amazing. Joel did a fantastic job delivering what he promised in the course summary. This isn’t just any dog training course, but the best source available to help in educating both you and your dog.”
Case A.

Invest in yourself and your dog

You get about 10 great years with your dog, make sure you enjoy every minute of it.


Our courses are video based instruction that gives you the information and tools needed to successfully train your dog. Each Module gives you drills to do with your dog and detailed descriptions of how to do them to maximize your training. While you can free flow through your course, we recommend that you watch each video session in order and conduct the drills with your dog. If you run into any problems with your training, we have a community that provides the answers you need. Our trainers are active and we will even make additional videos to specifically address your problem if we need to.

Our training works with dogs of all ages. If you just got an older dog, we have several training videos in the first Module to help you get started on the right foot with an older dog that is new to your home. If you have an older dog and are just realizing you need some training, our videos work great for that as well.

We have several ways to help you if you run into issues while training your dog. First, we have the Problem Solving Library. This is a series of videos that are common problems that people have asked about. We let you know how to stop things like jumping up, barking and other common problems. We continue to build out this section as other common issues arise. Second, we have a Private Facebook Group (and will soon transition to a forum on this website) where you can ask specific questions. Other people just like you can share their experiences and you can do the same. Our trainers are also active there to make sure any questions get answered in a way that flows with the K9 Academy training philosophy. Third, if we can’t communicate the details needed to help you via text, we will make a video just for you addressing your specific problem. And it will likely make it into the Problem Solving Library.

Our training methods work on all breeds and ages of dogs. We continue to have active local training in the Orlando, FL and Houston, TX areas, and continue to prove that all breeds from Great Danes to German Shepherds and Malinois, to Doodles and Bulldogs to Mini Dachshunds and Chihuahuas can all be trained using our methods.

We do not use treats and toys for our training. In our experience, this leads to short term results that do not last. We use a combination of praise and correction. Praise praise praise your dog when they do what you want, and use the lightest correction needed to get the desired result when your dog disobeys.

The original 12 Modules of K9 Academy were intended to stretch over 12 months and take you from no obedience to off-lead obedience in that time spending 15-20 of dedicated training time each day. You can achieve this level of training much faster if you can dedicate more time to it. The remainder of your day with your dog is spent reinforcing the things you have taught them during training time and integrating a lifestyle of well mannered behavior into you and your dog’s lives.

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