Local training Plans

You’re part of the family, come train with us!!


Location: 1949 Slavia Road, Oviedo, FL 32765 (next to Lucas Nursery)
Phone: 813-836-9244 (TEXT ONLY)

– 7:00am-9:00am – Protection Class ($100 per handler)*
– 9:30am-11:30am – Obedience & Agility Class ($40 per handler)*


*We are a private training club. You must have a membership in the club in order to train with us or use any of our facilities. WE ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. CONTACT US TO LEARN HOW TO JOIN.

***REQUIREMENTS: All attendees are required to sign K9 Academy Dog Club Membership Agreement and Release of Liability. We train with prong collars…bring your own or we have them available for sale at class. All dogs must be on lead/leash when you arrive.

Compare Optional Dog Club Subscriptions

Protection & obedience

1 handler & dog

$450 / month

*billed monthly
Most popular choice

obedience &

1 handler & dog

$120 / month

*billed monthly

Class Descriptions:

Obedience & Agility Class – This class  builds and strengthens the dog’s foundation and ability to deal with real life stressors through slightly more Obedience exercises, Obstacle work for stress and foot placement awareness, Socialization and Stabilization Drills, and Drills focussed on strengthening the bond between the dog and handler. This class is broken into 3 groups to accommodate Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced dog handlers. Advanced dog handlers will also be challenged during the drills and obstacle work.

Protection & Stabilization Class – This class focusses on building high level stabilization and teaching the dog Bite Work for Protection. Several of my handlers focus only on stabilization to overcome things like dog aggression and dealing with stress through aggressive responses. If you have not attended this class previously, please contact me to discuss if this would be beneficial for you and your dog.

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