K9 Academy – Monthly

$20.00 / month

Sign up for K9 Academy Online and start training your dog today. You will also have instant access to the first 2 Modules. You’ll get more content added in each month until all Modules are available. After four months of membership, you will have access to all content from that point forward as long as you maintain an active monthly membership account. Everything you need to know to train your dog in obedience is contained in this training course.



What Should I Expect After My Purchase?

Your purchase is for a one month subscription, renewing each month automatically. K9 Academy Online Training Membership with a monthly membership will open content based on a schedule that will allow you more access to drills and training information the longer you are a member. This membership will allow full access to all content if you continue your subscription for four months and maintain it after that. Full content includes Modules 1 through 12, and comes with our extensive coaching videos and other content designed to make training your dog easy to understand and walk you step-by-step through developing an obedient and well-mannered dog. If you want access to all content immediately, please check out K9 Academy – AnnualĀ 

After checking out, you will be taken to a Thank You page with instructions to navigate to your Curriculum Dashboard. Here, you will have immediate access to your first two Modules.

If you have any questions you can always contact us at support@k9academyonline.com


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