Fortress K9 Collar & Lead Bundle

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Our Fortress K9 Collar & Lead bundle is for the serious dog owner who wants a functional, quality, handmade, product. In this lead bundle you will receive:
  • One Flat Collar - Modern Icon 1.5" Rigid Collar
  • One Multi-Purpose Lead (MPL) - (6 or 7 feet)
  • One House Lead
  Flat Collar Description:  COLLAR SIZES: Small = 13-17 inches; Medium = 16-20 inches; Large = 19-23 inches RIGID COLLAR: The foundation of the Operator 1 1/2″ Rigid Collar is mil-spec Heavy Scuba Webbing. Atop this first layer, we have sewn 1 1/2″ mil-spec Webbing rated at 1,000 lbs as well as 1″ mil-spec webbing rated at 4,000 lbs to stiffen the design and add the additional strength and support required by our most demanding customers. We took our 2″ wide rigid collar and reduced the width to 1 1/2″ for those who have limited amounts of real estate on their dogs necks due to the addition of E Collars, Pinch Collars, Slip Collars and other devices. This rigid design allows the handler to use the body of the collar to apply pressure to the points behind the ears to manually “out” their dog from a bite if he becomes unresponsive to your commands. We use a 1″ ISC Klick-Lock buckle rated to 2,600 lbs in our otherwise 1 1/2″ wide design to provide an added measure of security preventing accidental un-clipping when the collar is grabbed at the buckle, yet still allows the collar to be quickly un-clipped in an emergency. A large Velcro panel gives you plenty of space to affix identifier patches or accessories. 1″ Steel V-Ring clip-in point: low profile option rated to 4,000 lbs. MPL Lead Description: At Fortress K9 we have found so many uses for this wonderful lead. While it may look different at first glance, you will love what it has to offer. This 1″ lead has a clip at both ends and a floating ring in the middle. You can select custom lengths and colors. Made of mil-spec nylon webbing, the lead is washable in warm water if your dog ever visits the mud puddle. Easily attach your lead with the strong, horse grade brass bolt snaps and ring. Available in 6′ and 7′ lengths. House Lead Description:  Our house leads solve the problem of keeping a lead on your dog for correction when needed, while making the lead short enough that it doesn’t get in the way. Made of 3/4″ webbing, horse grade brass snap clip. Note:: *Availability subject to change based on materials. Please note that this equipment is custom built to your order and it may take up to 2-6 weeks for your order to be filled. Please be patient with us, you won’t regret it.
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